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as done by Instant Classic (if none, remove subtitle)

Notes: Purchase button seems to be from a master source which fits well on the table, but I would prefer the button to look slightly different on the landing page (see notes).

Right align purchase buttons. Make text and buttons larger as well as bold. If possible, match button text size to text in table below. Make background of button not transparent, but a light gray and hover with slightly darker gray (range #ccc – #eee). Bigger picture, I want the buttons to pop more.

Also, not sure if the link to the female voicing page is worth it. Thoughts?

Arranger Kohl Kitzmiller [Maybe more than 1 arr]
Voicing Male [female, mixed, SATB, SSAA, TTBB]
Parts 4 (with divisi) [divisi if applicable]
Contestable? No
Female Voicing? [switch if opposite] Yes [if yes, hyperlink]

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